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The Fleshy Pulp

We have the public ambition to change the world. We’re the fleshy pulp. We just got together in Rome to discuss the basis of the fairtrade movement in Europe, so that we can really make a difference. I’ve learned that the gift/decorative crafts in Europe was of 20 billion euros in 2006 – or something like that. But that acknowledged fairtrade craft revenue was only 60million. In a way, it means we’re a failure to our most important stakeholders – the disadvanteged producers in the economic south of the world. Especially if we compare with the apparent success fairtrade food products experiment these days. But one can look at such data and not think of failure but of opportunity. It’s a great market and if we go from the 2% we’re now to 4% it’s double of what we have now. Maybe if we can have a powerful brand more people that do fairtrade now would tell around and automatically we’d be more – it’s my guess that many do it and don’t tell anyone.

Anyways, we’re planning on a great event all-around the world for next May: http://www.worldfairtradeday09.org/ so if you think you’re the fleshy pulp too, join us. It can be a coffee break and your company or school, it’s can be a doll party at your neighbouhood. You may invite a world-famous DJ, or just get together at your backyard. What matters is that you wanna make the difference, you want to cause a big bang.

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